British Paediatric Orphan Lung Diseases (BPOLD)

BPOLD monthly returns

BPOLD Monthly Returns - how it works

BPRS members can register for BPOLD via this site by using the register link on the top menu or by clicking here.

Once registered you will receive a monthly text email containing two links (see the example below - click on the image for a larger view):

example of the email

If you have not seen any patients with one of the nine listed BPOLD conditions then a single click on the link will record that you have not seen any cases to the database.

If you HAVE seen one or more cases then a single-click on the bottom link will display a web page where you can quickly enter only the number of cases seen (see example below).

These cases will be added to the database as 'Unconfirmed' cases and you will be able to type and print the patients names (which are not added to the database) for future reference.

A follow-up email, containing all required consent and information forms as attachments, will be sent to you requesting that you input more details on your unconfirmed cases when you have the time. A click on the contained link will display a page where you can input full details on each case (see below). If you do not have time to input details on all of your unconfirmed cases you can save the email and use the link to update at your convenience.


BPOLD is funded by the Edinburgh University Research and Development Fund
BPOLD wishes to acknowledge funding support for 2017 from Breathtakers UK